QwkBuy’s mission is to make it safe for both individuals and website owners to interact in a digital world. For this to occur it’s necessary to build upon and increase the current knowledge base of digital security technologies but more importantly to weave this technology into the everyday activities that people engage in at work, home and play making it totally transparent.

QwkBuy extends, simplifies and increases the security of E-commerce. Besides digital media, QwkBuy revolutionizes traditional media advertising.  Consumers can securely and conveniently purchase from any ad on the internet, in print, on television, a billboard, or direct mail  by simply scanning the QwkBuy code with their smart phone or taping the code on the phone itself. 

QwkBuy’s founders are leaders in the world of data and cyber security.  QwkBuy's leadership team has been instrumental in the development of early mobile-based banking applications where security was the primary concern.  QwkBuy's team has previously acquired eight patents for technology in the sector of secure data storage. 

About the Founders

Thomas F. Gosnell

Thomas Gosnell is the Founder and CEO of QwkBuy.com. Thomas worked as the CEO of Nexsan Canada which he started in 2001 as Evertrust. When he is not spending time inventing new products, you will find him enjoying the ski hills of Western Canada with his family.


Bob Delamore

Bob Delamore, Founder and Executive Vice President of QwkBuy, has been in the high tech world for over 25 years having held numerous senior sales and marketing Positions.  Bob was a founding partner of Evertrust, a software company that specialized in the security and safe keeping of digital documents and images that were used primarily in the financial and healthcare sector. When Nexsan acquired Evertrust, Bob worked as VP of Healthcare OEM Sales at Nexsan.


Charles Hibbert

Charles is a founding partner as VP of Development QwkBuy.  Charles has a strong technical background with 10 years of experience in product management and software development. He is responsible for planning, designing, and implementing the product's vision. He previously has led the product development team at Nexsan Technologies, working with sales, customers, and OEM partners to grow their IT solution. Charles has a BSc from Mount Allison University with a major in Computer Science.

Esther Hotter

Esther specializes in international high tech Marketing Communications.  Esther has applied her expertise to serve a variety of industries including software for large corporations as well as healthcare related products and services.  With both B2B and B2C experience, Esther marketed products and services to individuals and large corporations worldwide.



For more information, please visit www.qwkbuy.com