What is QwkBuy?

QwkBuy is the most secure, fast and convenient software platform for mobile E-Commerce. QwkBuy allows purchases from your smartphone for products and services seen on television, in a direct hard copy direct mail flyer, catalogue, email, television, on the web, social media, billboard, etc.

Think of it as the BUY BUTTON for the non-digital and digital world.

How does a retailer or business use it?

QwkBuy is a cloud-based service that enables a business to create a QwkBuy code which can be placed in any advertisement. The code contains all the attributes of the product that’s needed for a purchase decision (size, color, price, etc.).  When a customer either scans or taps (mobile device) the code, a page with the product’s picture and its attributes are displayed on the mobile device.  The consumer decides on product choices and simply taps the buy button.  A purchase is completed fast and securely.

As a business how do I get paid for selling my product?

QwkBuy is integrated with Stripe, one of the leading payment processor companies.  Upon purchase, Stripe charges the credit card for the purchase and deposits the money the vendor is owed into their bank account. If you are interested in using another processing company please send a message to support (support@qwkbuy.com) and a representative will follow-up.

Does QwkBuy require a smart phone?

Yes, QwkBuy requires an Android or Apple IPhone smartphone or tablet.

How is my info secure when it is sent? Does QwkBuy use SSL?

QwkBuy uses Transport Layer Security, the successor to SSL.  We use version 1.2.  RSA certs with 2048 bit encryption.

Is communication encrypted between the phone and the server?

Absolutely.  All communication is encrypted the most advanced protocols. We use AES256 encryption.

Do you store my credit card information on your servers?

No.  QwkBuy servers never store credit card information. Credit card information is only stored on the smartphone. The information is stored in an encrypted format and can only be viewed when using the app. 

Can someone access my credit card info if my phone is lost or stolen?

No, the information on the phone is encrypted with AES256. The key to decrypt the data is kept on the QwkBuy server.  It is impossible to unencrypt the information on the phone. 

Is my personal information stored on your servers?  Is that secure?

We store your name and address on our servers. The information is stored in an encrypted data base (AES 256 encryption). The information is never shared with anyone. No credit card information is stored on QwkBuy servers. 

Is QwkBuy secure? 

Yes, QwkBuy is first and foremost a security company.  The executives and developers all come from a security background. We strive to make our product and services as secure as possible.

Why do you not use passwords? 

Passwords have become insecure. People either reuse the same password or pick passwords that are easy to guess.   In other cases, people write down passwords in order to remember them.

What does QwkBuy use instead of passwords?

We believe that multiple factors of authentication are needed to ensure a high level of security.  We use a collection of different authentication mechanisms to be incorporated within the QwkBuy authentication process, te more mechanisms utilized, the higher the degree of security. They are:

  • The Pin on the phone
  • Secure fingerprint system on the phone.
  • Location-based data. We create a digital signature of the locations that you normally live work and play.
  • We use the collection of available authentication data to create a security score and compare it against the security required for a transaction. If the security score is high enough, we let the transaction proceed. But if there is something that is not correct, the transaction is blocked. 

Suppose someone has my phone, can they make purchases?

No, however, if you unlock your phone and give it to someone, they will be able to make a transaction.  

Is QwkBuy PCI Compliant?

QwkBuy is PCI compliant.

What happens if I my phone is lost or stolen; what do I do?

Call your cell phone company and report your phone lost or stolen.  There is nothing needed to protect your information within the QwkBuy platform.  When you receive your new phone simply download the QwkBuy and proceed to login as normal. 

Is QwkBuy safer to use than PayPal, Apple Pay or Visa Checkout?

QwkBuy has comparable security to those companies.

QwkBuy has the additional authentication security not offered by other electronic payment systems. The application can be made to be more secure if you desire by enabling various security features. 

How secure is it?

It is very secure. Every reasonable precaution is taken to make sure personal and credit card data is always secure.  
All hardware and software systems are audited on an ongoing basis to protect against external and internal threats.

Do I still get my Visa or MasterCard points when I use QwkBuy?


Does QwkBuy use tokenization?

We use tokens and client certificates to secure the communication between the phone and our servers.

Can I use QwkBuy if I have rooted my phone?

No.  QwkBuy’s algorithms can detect whether a phone is rooted.  A rooted phone compromises all authentication and security.  No transactions will be allowed ensuring the security of consumers, businesses and financial partners.