QwkBuy Increases Fundraising Revenue

Political fundraising depends on direct mail for much of its revenue.  How much would contributions increase if donators could donate immediately when they have the impulse?

Mobile donating should be simple, easy and fast. QwkBuy provides the donator and the charity with a payment method that’s immediate, convenient and secure.  


QwkBuy is one of the most secure buying apps available. QwkBuy’s patent pending multi-factor authentication technology verifies customer identity before the item is purchased.  All personal data is encrypted and transferred safely. No passwords need to be memorized. QwkBuy provides extra security by combining what you have, what you know, and where you are to conclusively prove identity. QwkBuy enables convenience and security in any shopping environment.

Uploaded by QwkBuy on 2016-10-14.


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