“Wherever Shopping”

Freedom to Buy Where & When You Want
Fast, Simply and Securely

QwkBuy enables consumers to use their smart phones to shop wherever;  television, email, digital QwkBuy button, billboard, instore, store window, web page, reorders, direct mail, friends birthday party, print ads, etc.

No passwords, no credit cards numbers, no information to type.  QwkBuy  is designed for speed, simplicity, and security (highest level) for the consumer. 


Advertising is entering a new era with QwkBuy. Monetization, measurement and justification is immediate.



Photo Credit: ms.akr

Time is not a friend to sales.  QwkBuy enables shoppers to buy immediately.  


Whether sending direct mail or emails, QwkBuy allows your donors to give when they are moved by your message. Don’t make them wait.


Television, Videos, and Social Media are searching for new revenue streams for their Advertising.  QwkBuy will deliver new advertisers and innovative revenue models.