Retailers spend a significant amount of their revenue on advertising, both digital and traditional.  Retailers know that in order to shorten the time it requires a customer to make a purchase decision, they need to improve their customer experience through convenience, speed and ease of purchase. QwkBuy allows for quick and secure purchasing through any advertising medium.

customer convenience

+ speed

QwkBuy enables retailers to offer their customers a fast and easy way for consumers to make a purchase whether via a digital advertisement or in print. Whether via an e-mail campaign, a newspaper ad or a billboard, retail customers have never had an faster way of purchasing products. Anywhere the QwkBuy button is placed, consumers can either click or scan it, and their purchase is made.

+ Ease of purchase

QwkBuy makes it easy for customers to shop and buy.  Customers can download the QwkBuy app, and make product purchases anywhere. Scan or click the QwkBuy button and the purchase is made in an instant. The product is then delivered at the customer’s doorstep.


QwkBuy helps retailers quickly close the sale by eliminating the time gap between making the decision to buy and making the final purchase. Billboards, print advertising, catalogs, videos can all become selling outlets


QwkBuy provides immediate customer satisfaction – conveniently and securely.  QwkBuy is one of the most secure buying apps available. QwkBuy’s patent pending multi-factor authentication technology verifies customer identity before the item is purchased.  All personal data is encrypted and transferred safely. No passwords need to be memorized. QwkBuy provides extra security by combining what you have, what you know, and where you are to conclusively prove identity. QwkBuy enables convenience and security in any shopping environment.


QwkBuy is now available for iPhone or Android devices.  Go to iTunes or Google Play.