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All Campaigns started in June can run for
90 DAYS at no charge!

(Note: financial processing fees on sales will still apply)

Why Use QwkBuy with Email Marketing?

How to Get Started

Steps to Get Started:

  • 1) Download QwkBuy App - Now Available!
  • 2) Go to our Merchant Portal, a tab on QwkBuy’s website. Strong security is supplied by QwkKey. Scan the Code on the screen with the QwkBuy app on your phone – And you are logged in more secure and NO Password Needed.

    3) Enter your Company info in the Settings Area

    4) Then begin creating QwkBuy codes

    Before Going Live:

    1) Signup for our payment processor, Stripe; located in the Merchant Portal, under Settings and Payment.  It’s necessary for the

                      a) Distribution of revenue

                      b) And activation of QwkBuy codes

    2) You will be notified within 24 hours that you are an approved vendor

For more information, please contact QwkBuy.