Broadcast and cable television, web based videos and social media advertising have been limited to raising interest level in a product or brand recognition.  Over the past decade the fast forward button on the DVR and computer video players have made it very difficult to keep the consumers’ eyes on the products being advertised.

QwkBuy is introducing new revenue models appealing to the love affair the world has developed with their smart phones. 

Now consumers can buy directly from any ad that is shown on television or over the Internet by simply scanning the QwkBuy button on the screen.  Advertisers can directly take advantage of the appeal from the ad.  No longer do they have to estimate the increase of sales found in a store or online sites or by measuring click throughs.  Real dollars can directly be associated with the ad. 

With more people fast forwarding through the commercial breaks new advertising models need to be developed.  Product placement has provided a new revenue stream for some television shows but it still is only dealing with increased brand recognition.  Suppose a consumer could buy a product being used or worn by one of their television stars.  Would housewives be interested in purchasing the specific sauté and frying pan Mario Batali uses on the afternoon cooking show “Chew”?  Or the leather jacket with fur collar worn by one of the “Housewives of New Jersey”?  There will be no disruption in the show; simply a QwkBuy Code will appear for a minute that can be scanned.  On their smart phone will be all the details for buying the product and it will be a single click to complete the sale once they are registered. Watch Video